Nigel Farage “The come back kid”

Nigel Farage “The come back kid”

November 20th, 2016 // 10:56 am @

nigelNigel Farage has resigned and rejoined UKIP several times, and having completed his life’s work and got an exit vote from the EU, he talked of retiring to a quieter simpler life.

Then suddenly he is standing by Donald Trump, advising Donald, and latter was the first foreign politician to meet the President Elect.

Mr Farage is in the US for a reason, and it is not just to congratulate Trump. Maybe he just likes the excitement of the political battle?

Or is it just possible Nigel has seen an outsider win in the US, a sharp increase in the support of non traditional parties across Europe and wondered to himself if he could pull off such a triumph in the UK!

The Labour party is in a mess and shows no sign of early recovery, and the Conservative Party will be gridlocked and fighting internally over how to implement an executive EU departure for the foreseeable future. Where do blue collar voters go?

The electoral system here does not help him, as he needs to find several hundred sensible candidates, which from the present membership of UKIP could be difficult.

Donald Trump was a one man electoral party, might Nigel fancy a go at the same thing here?



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