The Joy of Email

The Joy of Email

June 7th, 2018 // 12:50 pm @

The ubiquitous email has quietly taken over our lives, the speed and volume of communication has increased significantly, sadly the quality has fallen.

We simply do not spend the time on an email that we would on a letter, and there is an emotional pressure to clear our inbox as fast as possible, and the poor “Draft” box is sadly underused

  • New Emails – Think before you write. True communication is taking a though from your brain and successfully implanting it in another persons brain. It is massively more complex than it sounds. So when writing an email, stop and think about what it is you want the other person to understand.
  • Plan your email – Email is a very fast communication system, and it is easy to “React Instantly” to emails with a speed we would never use in a letter. Taking time to think through your reply will increase the effectiveness of the reply.
  • Draft Email – Probably the least used part of any email system, but probably the most useful. Emails may be fast but they rarely need a fast response. Considering your response and putting it in the draft box, and reviewing it latter in the day, or preferably the next day will almost certainly allow you to improve the quality of communication.
  • Email Venting – It is very easy to vent one’s emotions on email, and its very immediacy makes it tempting. One tends however to vent emotions that are damaging, that given time one would probably not send.
  • Copy All / Reply All – The technology allows copying in lots of people into emails all to easy, and emotionally this makes us feel better. The only people who need copied on email are those who need to do something and those who have a real need to know. Copying beyond that merely invites comment that is probably not helpful in making decisions.
  • Nothing is Confidential – Emails like almost everything put on the web has a high likely hood of becoming public. If you want confidentiality talk to the person involved.
  • Acknowledge Emails – Let people know you have received their email, and when you are likely to have time to respond. This avoids them worrying about the email being lost in a “Black Hole”

 Email is great, give the communication the time it deserves.

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