Confused Leadership

Confused Leadership

July 2nd, 2018 // 4:19 pm @

Leadership, it is difficult to define, but one knows when one see’s it, and all successful business’s have strong leadership.

Leadership is best defined as the ability to influence others, but when executed properly it goes beyond that. True leaders sell a vision of the company and where it is going, and build a confidence in those around them in that vision.

People who works with good leaders have a clear understanding of the overall company goals and what part they play in achieving those goals. Those who are fortunate enough to work within a company with clear leadership tend to be more motivated as they feel part of something bigger than themselves and they have a higher belief that “They are making a difference”

Leadership is a balance of listening, consulting but ultimately being able to make the difficult and some times unpopular decisions.

When leadership becomes confused as it can real limitations are then put on the company’s ability to function effectively. The most common form of confusion is when the board lacks trust in the CEO and they will then tend to become more operationally involved, and this drives confusion quickly and easily.

Non executives when they have limited trust in the CEO become operationally involved, normally in specific parts of the business, not in the overall working of the company. They dip in, with good intentions but what is normally the outcome is confusion for the staff, with different direction and priorities being set.

Once there has been the breakdown of trust, decision-making becomes difficult, partly as it is unclear who has the authority to make what decisions, and also there is also a tendency to make “Consensus” decisions. When a board and CEO are not aligned, to avoid open conflict they will tend to make decisions that everyone in the room can live with, even if they are not right for the company.

As a gifted boss I had once said “It is easy to keep everyone on deck happy, but if the ship is sinking it will do no good”

A desire for “Consensus” on all major decisions tends to stop any real decision-making and then companies float. People are still committed and will do there best but in a vacuum of true leadership; people will take actions that are contrary to each other, or not in line with the strategy.

It is important to remember the vast majority of day-to-day decisions are taken and the CEO is not even aware of them. If you have provided good leadership those decisions will tend to be in line with the vision, in companies with confused leadership those decisions will be made with good intentions but will not be in line with a common goal.

Leadership is critical!




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