Marketing Job Boards

Marketing Job Boards

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MarketingEffectively marketing an online media business is a new challenge that has emerged as the use of the Internet has grown. A decade ago having your site show up on Google’s first page was all you really needed to do. The world has moved on and a good deal more sophistication is now required.

As with most business’s marketing have two key target groups, the advertisers who will pay for the adverts, and the job seekers who will responder to them.

The key to the nature of these two groups is simple, but often lost in attempts to produce clever looking marketing. Employers want access to the most relevant job seekers for their advert, job seekers want access to the most relevant job adverts for them. The best marketing in the job board market never looses sight of these simple truths.

Marketing to potential advertisers often seems easy but it is driven by just how clearly you understand your potential market and how recruitment-advertising decisions are made.

I ran and successfully sold Hcareers (See – Hcareers) the largest job board for the Hotel industry in North America. The hotel industry look simple and major job boards such as Monster and Career Builder would occasionally target it, but always without success, as they never took the time to understand the structure of the hotel business.

A hotel will have a brand name on the door such as Holiday Inn, and one naturally assumes that is who owns the hotel and if you talk to their Head Office you can secure their advertising. However every hotel has a “Brand” linked to a booking system, a management company who actually manage the hotel on a day to day basis, and an owner who owns the physical business. These can be three separate groups, or one group may do more than one of the three functions. Once this is understood marketing to hotels becomes complicated but possible, without this understanding marketing investment is likely to be ineffective. Every industry has its peculiarities and they need to be understood.

Marketing to job seekers is again much aided by industry understanding, such as how your customers structure their staff and therefore what roles are relevant to what type of job seekers. This gives industry focused job boards a key advantage, in that general job boards will tend to go for simple mass advertising rather than a more industry targeted approach.

Search engine optimization is now a well-understood practice, but it remains critical, when someone does a search for jobs, you can be fairly sure they are at least thinking about a change in job and are therefore a good potential target. Google has been very successful at raising the pricing of such advertising but it remains a good investment.

Social media visibility is the latest marketing fad, however it can be very effective. However it requires investment. Social media has the ability to have huge reach, but it has a very short shelf live. What is current on Facebook will be forgotten in 12 hours, the latest Tweet will be lost in a couple of hours. Therefore to be successful you need a clear understanding of your core message and you need skilled staffs that understand social media and are constantly feeding and reacting to whatever is current.

The Internet has not changed the principles of good marketing, a clear consistent and relevant message, delivered in changing and engaging ways. What has changed is the delivery method and most importantly the speed of the process.


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