CEO Process

A process that delivers results

Professional management of a business to achieve your goals requires a proven business process. Through my years of experience working across a variety of sectors and business models, I have developed a successful process by amalgamating the best of the different systems I have worked with.

This process works with any size or type of business. It provides much-needed direction and structure toward specific business objectives, as well as acting as a foundation upon which businesses can grow and flourish.

I can work with you on all or some of the process elements below:


  • Clarify shareholder aspirations
  • Define the business model
  • Develop strategic route to meet shareholder needs
  • Build the business plan

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Driving the Business Plan

  • Implement business plan to focus resources correctly
  • Build business structure
  • Set key success drivers for each part of the business
  • Develop a budget to focus fiscal resources effectively
  • Build review process to focus the business and review its progress

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  • Treat staff with integrity
  • Sell the vision for the company
  • Agree appropriate goals for each member of the team
  • Ensure the right people in the right role
  • Provide leadership
  • Supply mentor ship

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Because every business is different, the best way to find out how we could work together is to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

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"Mark is that person whom years later, I respected more each day. His outlook, vision and attention to the end goal, made him an incredible COO. He used these approaches by outlining his expectations. Mark provided his management team with flexibility to perform and remain accountable to the decisions that led to a profitable, productive and high activity environment. He asked tough questions that stirred performance and kept all involved focused. That is why he is successful. September 23, 2009."

Keesha Rosario, Director of Sales / Account Manager, Hcareers

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