Why is America so Angry with Itself?

Why is America so Angry with Itself?

October 19th, 2016 // 1:52 pm @

anger-is-fearAmerica today is angry, at its politicians, its institutions, its media, and at itself. It is this anger than Donald Trump has tapped into, and has flamed for his own personal ambitions.

It is too easy to dismiss Trump as unelectable for what he says amount almost every minority group, he is following a well worn political strategy, of telling Americans, America is no longer great and who they can blame for it.

However the reality is even after been shown clearly in recent days to hold women in open contempt he has a solid third of the US electorate saying they will vote for him. He has successfully tapped into real fears within a significant part of the US electorate.

Trump is a symptom of something much deeper going on in America. Many Americans are feeling scared, and it is that fear that is translating into the anger we are seeing.

It is hard for those of us outside to understand such fear, we see an America that is rich and powerful. The US economy is back on track, the biggest companies we know and respect are American, and it controls a military unmatched in the world or in history for its destructive capability, so why would they be scared?

Economically while the US is economically strong, other countries are catching up, particularly China, and many blue collar jobs have gone abroad as globalization has had its impact.

The worlds great companies may be American, but look closely at your Apple device and it says with pride “Designed in America” the second unsaid part of that is, but made in China.

This leaves a working class band of Americans rightfully fearful as the people doing the designing of the Apple device getting richer but those who used to make them getting poorer.

Economically America is strong, but the absolute domination of trade it had or felt it had two decades is slipping.

Militarily the US has the most powerful forces ever seen in the history of the world, but the reality is they have fought two major wars in the last 15 years, in Afghanistan and Iraq. And despite massive financial investment and huge loss of life, it did not clearly win either conflict.

President Obama has over the last eight years has been very reluctant to use these forces, and his reluctance probably reflects US public opinion.

However in Ukraine, East Africa and the Middle East, the US despite its massive capabilities has been able to do little to stop more dedicated and more aggressive groups from succeeding in their goals.

When Donald Trump can talk about “Making America Great Again” that resonates with at least a third of voters, they clearly feel America was great in the past but has slipped from that greatness.

America is angry because it is scared, as a world power it probably peaked in the late 1990’s, and while it remains massively powerful it is in the very early stages of its decline from world dominance.

All empires military or economic fade eventually, and at such times countries desperately need true leadership, and sadly neither presidential contender can provide it. Trump wants the job to boost his ego, and while he talks of making America great again, he has no real plan of how to do that. He would as president thrash around looking for simple popular answers to difficult complex problems, this is more likely to raise fears than allay them.

Clinton is super clever and will master every briefing book put in front of her, and make informed rational decisions to the complex problems, but she is no leader, she can not inspire.

The most likely outcome of the coming election is a Clinton presidency with little public enthusiasm, and a republican congress. That will certainly not provide the leadership America is crying out for, but that is probably better than the alternatives

Over the next four years at least the fear and anger are most likely to get worse.




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