Censorship of the Internet

Censorship of the Internet

September 21st, 2018 // 12:28 pm @

A quiet revolution is taking place in our world and it is receiving little comment. A tiny number of people are now censoring the Internet, which is the most powerful media the world has ever known.

Sadly as the Internet and particularly social media has expanded, people, organizations and governments have learnt how to abuse it. Whether it be to sell products, to promote hate, or even interfere in our democracies. It is hard reality that there are thousands of people around the world abusing the Internets speed and reach.

The major tech giants particularly Google and Facebook have come under great pressure to manage there content. Traditionally and legally in the US Internet companies were treated as a platform for content and not as publishers of that content. This is changing rapidly and the tech firms are now seen much more as publishers with responsibility for their content, in the same way traditional publishers are. Legal change to their status is likely to follow.

The major tech firms have taken this criticism very seriously and have employed thousands of people to censor content, either by removing it, or lowering its prominence. The rules these thousands implement are controlled by a tiny number of senior executives in the major tech firms.

People have been buying media such as newspapers for decades not to make money but to extol a particular set of views. But the power in the hands of a few people in the major tech firms is way beyond what the most powerful press baron could only have dreamed of.

I am sure the rules that have been set are fair and reasonable, and aim to protect users, however even subconsciously the views of the tech companies leadership will impact on what we see.

People have a naive view of content quality, we believe if we are told something it may be true, if it is written down it is probably true, and if it is in a book it must be true.

Every piece of news or content is written from someone’s particular point of view. It is interesting to read about the same piece of news on the BBC, and then on Al Jazeera. Both organizations pride themselves on the quality of their content, but they are writing from very different perspectives, both with inbuilt bias.

As a society, and as individuals we need to question the truth of everything, particularly what we see on the Internet.

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