US Election – Attempted Fraud, But Who is Attempting it?

US Election – Attempted Fraud, But Who is Attempting it?

November 5th, 2020 // 2:58 pm @

Within hours of the polls closing in the US election, President Trump made accusations of a massive fraud in the election, which he had already, he claimed had won.

And a decision to go the Supreme Court, even though not even a President can do this directly.

He made vague assertations to votes being added after the polls closed. He made no specific allegations as to whether this had happened, would happen, or who was involved. And absolutely no evidence has been proffered to support such important allegations.

The timing was also interesting as it was so close to the polls closing, and no fraud could have yet been perpetrated? But this is in an election which he may lose, but at the time of writing that is unclear, although Biden’s route to the Presidency looks clearer that Trump’s.

So, what is the President trying to do with what looks like a pre-planned cry of fraud?

The truth is due to the pandemic and at the urging of the Democrat Party postal votes are at record highs. These votes tended to be counted latter due to when they come in. Some States close postal voting on polling date, some allow votes post marked on the 3rd for several days, dependent on State Law.

As these votes will be latter, and will over time favour Joe Biden and may even decide the Election, and this seems to be Trump’s real target if he has any.

But what does he really expect to achieve? It is hard to see any court denying votes be counted if they have been collected in line with the State Law.

The claim seems illogical until one remembers it came from Donald Trump. While all reports suggest he really does not enjoy being President, his style is much more naturally dictatorial, which may account for his admiration for dictators around the world.

That said for any person to be a one term president is a profound blow, when that person has a fragile ego that pain can only be greater, so loosing is something he can not deal with, enter the need for an excuse.

President Trump has developed since the 1980’s the tactic when you think you might lose, claim victory, and cause as much confusion as possible.

What we saw on Election night was the president doing what he does almost automatically, claim victory and cause confusion. That said he would not have done this unless he feared defeat.

It also sets up the excuse, I did not lose we were defrauded. Don’t be surprized to see him write a book “The Stolen Election”. It is also easier for his supporters to believe they were defrauded and did not simply lose a fair election.

US elections due to varying State laws can seem confused, and sometimes take a little time to sort out, but US Democracy tends to get it right in the end.

What we saw from the President on Election night was him slipping into his natural default reaction. The massive fraud as of the time of writing has gone down to four relatively small legal challenges, although more may appear.

If Donald Trump does lose, we can expect more histrionics before he leaves office and him blaming anything and everything, apart obviously from himself.

Could be fun to watch.


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