Making Interim Management Work

Making Interim Management Work

August 10th, 2021 // 3:09 pm @

Investing in an Interim Executive can be a very important step for any organization. The first type of Interim role is simply covering a job done by someone who is not able to work for a period of time, and in this case one has to recruit someone with the right skills and make sure they are trained properly on the exact job before they start, rarely is industry knowledge important, as with all recruitment one should be hiring skills and not just experience.

The second type of Interim management, and the type of role I normally undertake is to come into the organization with no direct day to day responsibility but a remit to recommend and if required implement real change within the organization.

Such change normally is covered by three key areas, business strategy, business structure, and key personalities.

The first key step is to ensure the board of the hiring operation have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve. Being put in a position where different board members have different expectations makes the interim managers role close to impossible.

However, if the board of the organization all have a clear understanding of what is required the chances of success are significantly higher.

Strategy is the first thing to review, firstly is there a strategy, is it achievable and how well communicated is it. Often strategies sit in a drawer as aspirations and are never turned into a solid implementation plan.

Once a clear strategy  is decided on it is critical this is communicated clearly to the whole organization as the reality is most decisions are made when senior management is not even aware that the decision is being made, however my experience is with most people if they understand where the organization is going, they will make decisions in line with the goals.

This does require a degree of trust in the staff and a willingness to delegate, if one is not ready to do this organizational growth will be very difficult.

If one is recruiting an interim manager to review the organization and its direction, one should expect them to review the business strategy, its underlying logic and the reality of what is required to achieve it.

Secondly, they need to review business structure both for personnel and funds. It is more important to hire an interim manager with a knowledge of business structure than industry knowledge. The reality is after strategy, structure is the most critical business driver.

Once one has a solid strategy and structure one needs to review the people within the key roles to ensure the right skills are in place.

Once an organization has a solid strategy understood by all, the correct structure for human and fiscal assets and the right people with the right skills success is significantly more likely and if an interim can help you achieve this then they are a good investment.

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