Happy Staff – Is it Important?

Happy Staff – Is it Important?

April 4th, 2011 // 3:51 pm @

When we talk of improving work environments we tend to think of comfortable chairs, ergonomic desks and possibly a potted plant, as the things we need to improve if we want to get the best from our co-workers.

These environmental issues are important; primarily to stop staff being uncomfortable or injured as they work, but these are not the key drivers of making staff perform and be happy at work, and staff that are happy are productive.

Building an environment in which staff will not only work, but excel is a critical part of management, and one to little discussed or worked on actively. To often in companies I find poorly performing staff, or people who I am told have ‘Issues”, breakdowns in communication, or people simply not working effectively together. On most occasion management blames the staff, and I am told how hard it is to get good staff. Well in my experience it is 80% a managerial failure not a staff issue.

So what does make a human being excel at work?

  • Understanding of the company
    • What is the company trying to achieve / how is it doing?
    • What are the values of the company?
  • What is my role
    • Where do I fit into the company?
    • What is expected of me?
    • What impact can I have on the company?
    • How will I be judged?
  • Feedback
    • How am I doing?
    • Honest and specific feedback
    • Listen and respond to staff suggestions
  • Structure
    • Do I have the authority, information and equipment to do what is expected of me?
    • Who can I ask to do things for me?
    • Who am I responsible for?
    • Who do I report to with issues and questions?
  • Communication / Decision making
    • Who can I go to if I need a major decision taken?
    • Who can I go to talk through my ideas?
    • Who do I need to keep informed and of what?

So often in business staff that are trying hard to do their best, are constantly being blocked by poorly structured or led companies. Such staff become frustrated, and even belligerent without really understanding why they are hitting the same road blocks again and again.

If a company is not getting the most out of it’s employees it is a managerial issue not a staff problem.

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