Great Organizations

Great Organizations

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ExcellentWe recognize them when we see them, the truly great organizations, but what makes them great?

I ordered some Olive Oil bowls through Amazon (But not actually from them) at 10am one morning, that night I was told they would be delivered the next day. I went to the gym for 2 hours the next day, got back to a physical note, and an email telling me they had called and which neighbor they had left the parcel with.

I am not even sure where one goes to buy Olive Oil dishes but on Amazon I got a wide choice, and almost instant delivery, and great communication.

Amazon are a truly great organization, they did not exist until 1994, sold $147,000,000 in 1997 and $48,000,000,000 last year.

The question is not how Amazon does this, but how one creates a company where such excellence occurs throughout the organization?

Great companies have:

Vision – Great companies have a clearly understood vision of where they are going and why, that is understood widely through the business. A clear vision gives the company enormous advantages.

–       When making any decision if you have a clear vision, the decision-making becomes much easier as you can relate options to how they fit the vision. Without that vision decisions are made in a strategic vacuum.

–       People in organizations will follow a vision if it makes sense to them, thereby they will work towards that vision in all they do, even without close supervision.

Leadership – No great company exists without great leadership. Leadership, that has those key skills and personality

These traits rarely come from one person; they are built best by teams of people working together, shareholders, boards of directors, CEO’s and staff.

When they are brought together then truly great companies can emerge, both in financial results, the interaction experience for customers, and the pleasure of working for.

And it can all be fun too.


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