Case Studies

Case Studies

I have been privileged to work with many different types of businesses around the world – working with different needs and goals as well as in different markets and cultures.

Through these experiences I have learned that the process for building a great business is applicable to any type of business, and working through the process points any business in the right direction toward meeting their goals.

Below are three examples of work I have undertaken for a range of different companies:

Stepstone – Short-term COO role to manage rapid expansion

Working in the midst of the dotcom boom, I helped expand the company across Europe to ensure they gained market domination, which was critical to the business flotation.

See Stepstone Case Study

H.J.Heinz Hungary – CEO to drive radical business change

I drove radical change in an ex-Communist manufacturing company, taking it from fiscal loss to profit and growth as a successful part of a major western corporation.

See H.J.Heinz Case Study

Hcareers – CEO to drive growth for trade sale of online media company

I took a small media company with revenue under $1m a year, and built it for sale to a major US Venture Capitalist for a multiple of revenue.

See Hcareers Case Study

International Infant Development Center – CEO to raise finance; drive growth in preparation for business sale

IIDC was transformed into a leader in it’s media field and successfully sold.

See IIDC Case Study






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"Mark is that person whom years later, I respected more each day. His outlook, vision and attention to the end goal, made him an incredible COO. He used these approaches by outlining his expectations. Mark provided his management team with flexibility to perform and remain accountable to the decisions that led to a profitable, productive and high activity environment. He asked tough questions that stirred performance and kept all involved focused. That is why he is successful. September 23, 2009."

Keesha Rosario, Director of Sales / Account Manager, Hcareers

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