Why a structured approach to business building?

In order to be successful, you first need a clear picture of what type of business you are building and what you want it to achieve. A business strategy helps you clearly establish your business model and communicate your objectives to everyone within your company, as well as providing a clear plan as to how to get where you want to go.

I have built a structured approach by amalgamating the best processes I have seen, used and learned from during many years working as a CEO and as a management consultant.

How I can help

By using a structured approach to delivering the right strategy for your business, including the right company structure, budgets and people, I can provide the necessary vision and leadership to help take your company forward.

My process is made up of the three stages below. I can work with you through all or one or two selected stages as required.


A business strategy is simply a plan of action designed to achieve the goals of the shareholders and stakeholders. See Details on Strategy

Driving the Business Plan

Driving the Business Plan involves identifying and understanding the “Key Success Drivers” of your business, and focusing resources on those drivers. See Details of Driving the Business Plan


People are one of the key resources of any company, and leading and managing these resources is critical to the success of your business. See Details of Leadership

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"Mark is that person whom years later, I respected more each day. His outlook, vision and attention to the end goal, made him an incredible COO. He used these approaches by outlining his expectations. Mark provided his management team with flexibility to perform and remain accountable to the decisions that led to a profitable, productive and high activity environment. He asked tough questions that stirred performance and kept all involved focused. That is why he is successful. September 23, 2009."

Keesha Rosario, Director of Sales / Account Manager, Hcareers

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