Because every business is different, the best way to find out how we could work together is to contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

This way, we can more fully understand each other, and I can get a feel for whether or not I am the best person to help. If I am not, I will happily point you in the direction of where you can get the assistance you need.

If there is a common feeling that I can help, I will then produce a specific plan of action, stating clearly what I would work on, including the goals, process and timeline.

After this is agreed between us, we will enter into an agreement to work together.


Telephone: 01628 674368



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"As a leader Mark has the gravitas to quickly gel and align a team towards a common goal. This comes from his ability to identify key drivers and then build strategy that maximizes return. His thoughtful & steady leadership style is the foundation for surefooted growth of an organization. November 17, 2009."

Darren Dickey, Director of Business Development, onTargetJobs

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